Adult Classes

Life is like a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can”.

- unknown (but we totally agree!)

Art is a very organic and natural way to break the routine, anxiety and challenge yourself! It will take you away from day-to-day tasks and immerse you in the world of creativity. Our adult art classes are developed for individuals that have interest in exploring fine arts and passion for creating. There is no experience required. If you always thought that you can’t draw or paint – we will prove you that you were wrong!

The current art course for adults explores  the following concepts:
•    Composition and layout
•    Perspective and measure
•    Color theory
•    Laws of abstraction
•    Geometry vs. organic technique
•    Patterns
•    Still life painting
•    The laws of cubism and much more!

You can register at any time but a minimum 1 month commitment is required. You can register here.

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