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The world of reality has its limits. The world of imagination is boundless.

- Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Art & history

At Pinocchio Art School we practice a well rounded art education including history and geography of art.  The curriculum of all art classes (excluding tot’s classes and adult classes) are centered on one region of the world at a time (Canadian art, Italian art, Mexican art, Chinese art, Russian art, Korean art, French art, etc.) and its visual details. Children explore the world of art and art movements (Antiquity, Classicism, Impressionism, Modern Art, Pop Art, Abstractionism, and many more). In the past year children studied Poland, China, Italy, Russia, Canada, Netherlands, England, India and other places. They painted Taj Mahal, Pizan tower, build Chinese Dragon, learned about henna art and much more.

Step-by-step education


Art VoyageArt Voyage

1 hour (Age: 5+)

This class is a great beginner – introductory class in the world of art. The class is suitable for students that never tried the art or have very little experience working with paint. In this class students will learn about art fundaments such as paints, mixing, palette, composition & layout. The class consists of painting, drawing, collage and clay activities. Check out our art gallery here. You can register for the classes here.

Four SeasonsFour Seasons Painting and Drawing

1 hour 30 min (Age: 8+)

This class is designed for serious little artists. Most student that get transferred into this class have been taking Art Voyage beginner or Art Voyage Intermediate class previously. The class is longer in length and gives students an opportunity to explore the projects in depth with the thorough assistance from the art instructor. This classical art program focuses on fundamental principles of visual art (painting and drawing) including composition, shading, tonal values and colour theory (warm vs. cool colors). Students will make still-life, landscape, portrait, and other subjects using pencil, pastel, tempera/acrylic, and watercolours. Check out our art gallery here. You can register for the classes here.

Mixed MediaMixed Media for Young Artists

1 hour (Age: 5+)

This exciting new program is a combination of different mediums, techniques, styles and genres students explore and try. This program will include drawing, painting, soft & oil pastel, pen & ink, craft and other different media. Students will do projects in classical, abstract, folk, cubism and other styles. The class is similar to Art Voyage with more focus on craft and collage work. In this class students will also explore the themes of art fundamentals and drawing. Check out our art gallery here. You can register for the classes here.

Painting CraftPainting Craft

1 hour 30 min (Age: 8+)

This is a great class for those who loves to craft. We will be making Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, room decorations, rock painting and other whimsical art from natural and other decorative materials that will be treasured for years. Mosaics, collages, decoupage, glazing, bas-relief – your kids will have tons of fun using different forms of art and different materials. Check out our art gallery here. You can register for the classes here.


frame_salt_doughSculpting with Salt Dough, Clay and Papier-Mache

1 hour (Age: 5+)

Just as the name implies, this class is all about sculpting. Kids start with basics and work their way up learning forms, shapes and dimension, developing fine motor and using their imagination in full throttle.
We going to work with salt dough (the ORIGINAL sculpting media), air-dry clay, polymer clay and papier-mache. Check out our art gallery here. You can register for the classes here.


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