Birthday Parties at Pinocchio’s

What’s included: 2 hours of pure fun! All art activities are administered by Pinocchio Art School instructors. All art supplies are included. All decorations are included.

Party Rules: Take-in-take-out. Parents are responsible for all food, birthday cake, party favours, etc.

Pricing and Booking: Cost is $165 for up to 10 guests (including birthday boy or girl) and $16 for each additional guest to a maximum of 15. GST is added for all party packages. $50 non-refundable deposit is due at the time of booking.

My Favourite Hero Party

My Favourite Hero PartyAge group: 5-12 year old
Party size: 4-15 children
Gender: boys


Boys and their toys… your boy will love that one! Birthday boy picks his favourite hero and everyone paints or draws a comics scene or strip(depending on their abilities).

This party is a guaranteed fun. We all know that boys are crazy about some sort of a book, movie, TV or game character in almost any age (we even dare to suggest that some adults keep that fascination :-)

The possibilities are endless – from Sesame Street© characters and Thomas the Train Engine© in their toddler and Spongebob Squarepants© in pre-schooler years, to Spider-Man© and Mario Brothers© in elementary school, to vampires and Chief Master Sergeant from the Halo© games – whatever their current obsession may be – it’s all good. Kids tell their own story and have so much fun doing that.

Master-Pieces Party

van-goghAge group: 6 year old and up
Party size: 4-12 (even number of the participants is better)
Gender: any


This is a great activity for kids to express their imagination, as well as learn many art- and history-related facts, and it also encourage TEAMWORK!

You can choose from a variety of world’s famous art masterpieces and invite your boy or girl’s friends to paint “a piece of a masterpiece”! Works best for parties with an even number or participants.

We “dissect” the original artwork – “piece-by-piece” and have a fun draw – kids draw a piece of the original artwork to reproduce on canvas or paper.

While kids are painting their own piece of the artwork, the teacher helps them as needed, and also tells a story about this artist and this particular painting.

When the art pieces are finished, we put the “pieces” together to form the complete reproduction of the original artwork. The key factor is – each piece was painted by a different child according to his or her view and abilities, so the resulting composition is a great fun to watch.

Notes to remember:

  • Paper (premium 4-ply bonded card-stock, 11″x14″) media is included in the package price. Stretched canvas are available at $4/each
  • Although you are free to choose the original artwork of your liking, based on our experience we recommend to remember the following:
    • The artwork should have “interesting” pieces to paint in all its sections.
    • The artwork should be simple enough for children to understand and copy.

Pix-Mix Party

148808_531998833483210_624302260_nAge group: 5 year olds and up
Party size: 4-15
Gender: any


A great crafty party! From a mix of pieces of photographs, colored paper and a bucket of craft media (cotton balls, stickers, etc. … even paper clips!) kids create artwork using art-collage techniques.

Portrait Gallery Party

Portrait Gallery PartyAge group: 5 year olds and up
Party size: 4-15
Gender: any


Everybody paints portrait of the birthday boy or girl (who themselves paint a self-portait).

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